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School Property Tax Elimination Act

Please take the time to read the information on current legislation that would eliminate School Tax on property and move it to the state sales tax.

Evaluate the information and decide for yourself, but please act now by contacting your State Representatives who will vote for you...

Here are links to the Contact Information for your State Representative by County..

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Learn more: click on the PTCC link below.

A group of lawmakers has been working on a The Plan for Pennsylvania's Future for several years to eliminate school tax on private property and stimulate the economy in Pennsylvania. The School Property Tax Elimination Act is a complete fix of a major problem, not a temporary solution to a problem that has become the number one reason for senior citizens to be pushed out of their homes by ever increasing school taxes and keeping lower income citizens in rental because they can not afford the mortgage payments with the school taxes added.

The state representatives have worked very hard on The Plan to research and write acts of legislation necessary to eliminate school property taxes and stimulate economic progress thru-out the state. This bipartisan group of representatives have announced their plan for Pennsylvania's Tax Reform, BUT need majority support to get it passed.. please call now....


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  • Produces significant economic gains for Pennsylvanians from all walks of life, including the creation of thousands of NEW JOBS.
  • Homeowners will benefit from unprecedented financial freedom and hope without the oppression of rising property taxes.
  • Senior citizens will no longer be forced out or evicted from their homes due to property tax bills they cannot pay.
  • Farmers will not have to sell family properties that have been handed down for generations.
  • Renters will benefit from the prospect of qualifying for home ownership and stabilized rent costs.