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Fix Up Secrets for Selling

Fix-Up Secrets Every Home Seller Should Know

Everyone has a favorite pair of old shoes. You know the ones – they’re broken in and fit just right. But those old shoes would never get a second look if they were for sale.

The same goes for homes. Those that appear shopworn, like an old pair of shoes, don’t appeal to today’s buyers. Buyers will discount a home that needs repairs far more than the actual cost of such improvements. Also if a item comes up on an inspection report when the home is under agreement - the buyer may require a more expensive solution. Better to make any repairs needed before listing your home. I highly recommend that your home be inspected prior to being listed for sale.

Your home has only one chance to make a good first impression. The secret of getting the most for your home when you sell is to spend some time, effort and money beforehand getting it ready to sell. If you make the right improvements today, you’ll sell faster and pocket more cash tomorrow.

By making "market–smart" improvements, you’ll come out ahead. Of course, every home can benefit from lots of elbow grease. But you can realize bigger returns when you go a step further with a few "best foot forward" improvements. The secret is not to undertake major remodeling projects before you sell. Spending too much on too many projects just drains money from your pocket.

Before deciding which fix–ups are right for your home, call on us – your neighborhood real estate specialists. Together we can strategically pick and choose the smartest fix–ups that will really make a difference.

Here are 20 secrets successful home sellers use to impress prospective buyers and bring a top–dollar sale. Keep in mind, the secret is in selecting the smartest makeovers that will have the maximum impact on your home’s value and marketability.  


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On The Outside

1. Repair the driveway and redo the walk so your home makes the right "care for" first impression.

2. Install a new front door and fixtures to make your entry welcoming, then paint or stain the door surround.

3. Replace the damaged garage door and install an automatic opener.

4. Spruce up the front with a new lanscaping, green up the lawn and replace any over grown bushes in front. Remove trees that block the view of the home.

5. Power wash your siding and deck, and repaint the trim or, if needed, the whole house.

6. Consider installing new windows and exterior doors that keep the temperature indoors confortable all year round.

7. Install or upgrade porch and pole light fixtures to give your home a touch of elegance.

8. Repair the roof and gutters to guard against hidden leaks.

On The Inside

9. Repaint all interior walls using a neutral color to make the whole home shine.

10. Install new carpeting and vinyl or ceramic flooring.

11. Refinish wood floors to give that new home look.

12. Install new chandeliers, recessed or track lightning, to make rooms more brilliant. Rooms appear bigger when properly lit.

13. Keep things cool with attractive ceiling fans.

14. Add elegance by replacing switch and outlet plates and register vents with pretty new ones.

15. Make over the kitchen; new countertops and appliances will help it sell. Consider replacing or refacing cabinets to bring them up to date.

16. Replace bathroom lighting, toilet seats, medicine cabinets and bathroom hardware to bring a sparkle that goes beyond clean.

17. Updates your home’s energy efficiency, possibly with a new furnace or additional insulation and new weather-stripping, so it costs less to operate.

18. Install cable TV lines and an extra phone line to the best room for a home office – even if you don’t need them – to upgrade your home’s electronic capabilities.

19. Reorganize and add closet shelves to make closets function better and appear more spacious.

20. Buy that new living room sofa or family room furniture you planned for the new home to improve the look of the home you’ll be selling.

Enjoy Now And Later When You Sell

Now’s the best time to choose and make some "best foot forward" improvements. If you fix up now, you – as well as your future buyer – will enjoy living with the market–smart makeovers you’ve made.

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